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HVAC units are not simple devices that you just install into your home, one wrong step may lead to malfunctioning and costly repairs. Let a qualified HVAC installer and contractor do the installation and technical work. If your HVAC equipment isn’t providing the proper ventilation, heating, or cooling temperature, West Oz HVAC will get the work done well and on time.

HVAC systems play an important role in keeping your home comfortable throughout the season. West Oz HVAC provides a reliable domestic HVAC system designed for home owners and other residential clients. They are dedicated to delivering a successful service and solutions that improve interior comfort in all weather conditions.

Advantages if you hire a professional HVAC contractor

Domestic HVAC Systems

Split Systems

Split HVAC systems are considered a home comfort solution because they use a reverse cycle air conditioning system. West Oz HVAC provides an exceptional air conditioning solution for single zone interior spaces at a low cost. It has advanced inverter and heat pump devices that ensure maximum efficiency and energy savings.
Split systems are divided into two parts, the inner and outer components or units. It has an external compressor that is enclosed within a lightweight metal frame, with an indoor wall mounted unit that is both pleasing and discrete. This type of system is ideal for single rooms since the air circulates until the exact temperature is reached.

Ducted Systems

Ducted HVAC systems are the most cost-effective and efficient technology for household use or for bigger facilities that require a single system with temperature control. In a ducted system, air ducts made of sheet metal are installed inside the walls and ceilings of your home. These ducts usually deliver your heating and cooling temperature.
West Oz HVAC will recommend a ducted system for your home if you already have ductwork installed in your home that functions properly. It has a higher humidity control system and better air circulation. This can be the most cost-effective solution over time if you plan on staying in your house for a long period.

Evaporative Systems

If you want an effective approach for air conditioning, use evaporative HVAC systems. The heat in the air is absorbed and less energy will be used. Evaporative systems will be installed on a roof using down flow evaporative cooling, or a smaller system for horizontal flow cooling systems.
This type of HVAC system can be an excellent way to increase the comfort of your house while also lowering your energy bills. West Oz HVAC will provide accurate solutions and proper installation service if you prefer an evaporative system for your home.

Reverse Cycle Systems

With one energy efficient unit, you can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A reverse cycle system is an air conditioner unit that allows the refrigeration cycle to be reversed, producing heating rather than cooling. A mechanical component within the home compresses the refrigerant into a fan coil, which regulates the reverse cycle system. It is a process of extracting heat from the house while simultaneously removing moisture or humidity, allowing clean and cooler air to circulate throughout the home. It’s a wise investment to have a reverse cycle HVAC system because it can accommodate multiple rooms and areas, as well as a single space.

Smart Home Systems

Nowadays, home heating and cooling systems are generally designed with the most advanced technologies. A smart home HVAC system develops an intelligent indoor comfort system that can regulate temperatures automatically. Also, using smart thermostats and humidifiers with environmental sensors make your life more convenient.

From your smartphone or computer, you will be able to monitor, manage, and change thermostat settings. If you are considering upgrading your HVAC system or turning the thermostat or control system into a Smart Home System, get in touch with West Oz HVAC.
You can expect high quality Domestic HVAC systems and services throughout WA. They take necessary measures to ensure that your home receives a complete system HVAC installation service that is both convenient and designed for your specific preferences. They provide prompt and efficient service for a wide range of domestic HVAC systems, from split systems to smart home systems. Whether you need upgrades or new HVAC installation, our HVAC installers will handle any heating requirements you have and deliver a quality installation at any time.
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