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Full Service Commercial HVAC Services with West Oz HVAC

If you own or manage a local business, you will need to ensure that your HVAC system is always working properly and effectively. A damaged HVAC system can not only be inconvenient for you and your staff, but it may also reduce productivity. Whether you need an expert HVAC installation or replacement, trust the professionals at West Oz HVAC for all your commercial heating and cooling needs.

Commercial HVAC service requires a higher level of workmanship and expertise than residential HVAC service. The system and equipment are significantly larger, allowing them to be used with heavier heating and cooling loads on a constant basis. With single-zone to multi-zone system options, the system is considerably more complicated to set up. However, West Oz HVAC provides comprehensive commercial HVAC services to ensure that your business’s heating and cooling systems are always operational.

Industrial HVAC Systems

VRF Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow or known as VRF system can either be a heat pump system or a heat recovery system, which delivers powerful heating and cooling for all indoor and outdoor units without the use of air ducts. Heat recovery VRF systems can provide heating and cooling to multiple areas at the same time by utilising warm air from inside the building and deliver it to where heat is require
Whereas, heat pumps can only provide heating to one area at a time and better suited to larger open areas. West Oz HVAC VRF systems are ideal for medium to large spaces, such as large offices or hotels, and will make your business more convenient and comfortable.

Single Split Systems

West Oz HVAC’s single split system is the most common and affordable commercial HVAC system that is suitable for small spaces such as cafes, server rooms, shops, and small offices. This type of HVAC system includes a refrigerant cooling air conditioning unit with a standard thermostat or panel for system control.
The single split system also contains a heating element that heats the refrigerant, and an evaporator coil, which circulates the air throughout the structure. Each system has a self contained device, which means that if one unit fails, the others will not be affected. In order for a single split system to function properly, each indoor unit must be paired with a corresponding outdoor unit.

Multi Split Systems

Multi-split systems allow you to link many indoor units to a single outdoor unit allowing the system to cool down effectively. But before it can be fully installed, a multi split system requires a lot of pipework. West Oz HVAC multi split systems are similar to single split systems, but they are more energy efficient and may be used in larger spaces like retail stores, apartments, restaurants, and other commercial units. With sensors that detect temperature changes and make any required adjustments, this type of system can control the temperature of each area. It’s simple, convenient, and saves energy for commercial and industrial use.

Commercial HVAC Installation Projects

Freezer Rooms, Cool Rooms, Cold Storage Solutions

If you want to store food items or medical supplies, freezer rooms, cool rooms or cold storage are convenient. They are large, insulated walk in rooms designed for commercial purposes, which are kept at a constant temperature by a central refrigeration system with an airtight sealing. West Oz HVAC offers a variety of freezer rooms, cool rooms, and cold storage solution sizes to provide sufficient storage space for your goods and products.

Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants

It is essential to provide a comfortable environment for your guests whether they are staying in hotels, restaurants, or even clubs. Using advanced HVAC systems in commercial areas can help your business become more sustainable and cost effective. A malfunctioning HVAC system may affect the health and safety of your employees and customers, as well as your food sanitation standards.

If you need a dependable HVAC for hotels, HVAC for restaurants, or HVAC for clubs, West Oz HVAC has a complete line of solutions and products that are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. It is essential to have adequate heating, ventilation, or air conditioning for commercial business.

Retail Outlets

Create an inviting environment for your customers and visitors that will entice them to stay and shop, as well as return to your store frequently. Proper store maintenance and an efficient HVAC system in retail stores are important to achieving the best possible results. With West Oz HVAC, they can help your retail outlets obtain the best, affordable, and effective HVAC system for your staff and customers.


Supermarkets can use five times more energy than any other commercial structure or business. HVAC in supermarkets must meet particular HVAC requirements in order to heat and cool the space while also providing the necessary amount of ventilation air. West Oz HVAC systems are originally sized and intended to provide comfort to the customers. They will ensure to keep operational expenses low while meeting consumer demand for fresh, high-quality items.

Commercial Kitchens

Kitchens are typically hot, if the HVAC system isn’t correctly balanced and controlled, commercial kitchens may not be comfortable. A proper and efficient HVAC system, particularly ventilation, is required in a commercial kitchen. It impacts not only the kitchen but also the other parts of the place, making it an essential component of its operation.

A ventilation system will effectively eliminate odours or irritants from the air while also helping to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the kitchen. Both workers and customers of a food service business need to have properly designed HVAC equipment and a commercial kitchen ventilation system.

Warehouse Wineries

Improve your warehouse wineries by maintaining the temperature inside your warehouse with efficient HVAC systems. Some way to sustain the qualities of wine over time requires a balance of air temperature and humidity. Warehouse wineries HVAC systems are the most comprehensive specialised cooling systems. West Oz’s warehouse wineries systems will keep your wine at the right temperature, allowing it to mature naturally while rising in value and quality.
It is necessary to provide healthy and comfortable workspaces for employees and clients with the appropriate thermal conditions. West Oz HVAC Service offers commercial and industrial HVAC systems to meet your requirements and needs. Since we want your business to grow, we will bring and effectively install your commercial and industrial HVAC solution.
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